So I don’t normally post photos of my home town… But mom won’t stop sending me these, and after this morning’s phone call about the National Guard calling my brother out to help… I feel the need to share. 

This is Grants Pass, OR. And that all is ash and smoke. The air quality is beyond hazardous, and the county has asked that all outdoor activities be canceled. What’s bad is that the fires aren’t even that close. The smoke and ash blow into our valley, and stick around. 

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t scared. With all my family back home, some not in the best health having to deal with this mess (And refusing to get masks despite all the warnings)  Then this morning my older brother was called by the National Guard to go out and volunteer. Mom says he won’t be on the front line of the fires, but still it’s really scary. 

Hope everyone in the Southern Oregon area stays indoors and safe until the fires are contained. My thoughts are with them. 

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