seriously though take this personality quiz and tell me what you get. it’s important. 


oh jeez I’m a wolf of all things



I can’t believe it. I’m ott



hakabaib inquired: I'm torn between earth and fire, but I think I'd go with fire. You're an awesome friend, so there's that warmth to you, but I think there's also a fierce side to you (like if someone crosses the line, you're there). * u *

fjgbdfk I could see myself being a fire bender xD I definitely have the temper for it ;D 




bonus round: explain why it would fit them best!

Yes plz

Dew it!


Getting bad again for no reason after you’ve been so happy for a long time is literally one of the worst feelings ever

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He did that because you sent me more stars than he did

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The Queen (The Quilted Queen) - Despite acting brave and confident, the Queen is actually really easily scared. 

Wilted Rose (Ghost Song) - A ghost that smells of rotting flowers. She wanders alone and brings a thick fog with her. Usually appears at night, wandering the abandoned streets. 

Hebi (Ghost Song) - The residual spirit of a little boy, created from all the memories his mother had of him while mourning. 

Wish Granter (Ghost Song) - A being that’s often spoken of but never seen. No one knows what the Wish Granter looks like, but still know that it’s out there somewhere, waiting for someone to find it. 

Elle (Vaporeon Gijinka) - She has actually been trying to find a way to correct her near blind eyes for many years. She has the money for it in a bank account, from a lawsuit taken against her biological parents. Sadly she has no way to get the money out of the account without the help of a certain sheep.

Was going to do a lot more but decided against it. :I 

larivieraetlachanson inquired: ★★★★

Four Stars, Four more Characters

Aki (Fearow Gijinka) - Aki is a huntress, and will stop at nothing to track down and kill anything or anyone she has deemed as ‘prey’. 

Shin (Aegislash Gijinka) - Shin was extremely loyal in life, and that didn’t stop after he died. He’s devoted his ‘second life’ to following and protecting a young woman.

Chiyo (Shiny Dedenne Gijinka) -  Since getting her wish granted to become Shiny, she’s been something of a recluse, unsure of what her friends would think of her new color. 

Namii (Ghost Song) -  Namii uses her songs to attract the lost spirits in an attempt to get them to pass on. She feels that since she herself cannot pass on to the afterlife, she has to do whatever she can to bring the others peace.